Heinen THROUGHT its staff’s view

Discover our affiliated company, Heinen, in Malmedy with ours stuff point of view.


HR’s philosophy.


In here, we want that our colleagues and partners evolve in a dynamic environment and feel enhanced.

Our philosophy in terms of Human Ressources is the preservation and development of talents. A training program is available for each of our colleague and intern progressing opportunities so that everyone brings their valor to our solutions.

We are willing that every co-worker takes part in the constant evolution.
EuroDV stimulates innovative constructive proposals to improve the performances of the entire group at the practical but also organizational level.
Experience sharing and teamwork are everyday present.

EuroDV spirit.

Even if experience and/or certificates might be powerful arguments about acquired skills, we are assured that it is not the only thing that highlight
the capacity in a candidate. What attracts our interest is mostly the personnal involvment, the positive attitude and the passion. Those 3 biggest qualities, guide our co-workers daily while they are working with our clients.