Become a EuroDV partner

Manufacturer of solid or glass doors and metal partitions of high security, EuroDV has always supported its growth through strong relationships with its partners.

EuroDV offers physical security solutions on the market that combine performance, creativity, quality and functionality. To implement them and to carry out the customers’ projects, EuroDV relies on a network of high level professional partners.

Trained and guided  by our teams, EuroDV authorized partners benefit from resources and tools that allow them to develop their position in the market and develop new business sectors.

Today, more than 40 partners across Europe build a network of recognized experts in a rapidly growing field. Security issues are at the heart public and private concerns. The solutions provided by Heinen, Metal Quartz and Bunkerkit’s products make the difference and improve the safety of people and goods on a daily basis.

EuroDV partners benefit from the strength and dynamism of a growing group (9% per year over the last 4 years). Their development is supported by the action of a technical sales team in the field and is supported by an ecosystem of specifiers.

Direct procurement, simplified stock management, short and respected delivery deadlines, support for business relationship management, provision of innovative software tools, technical support and regular marketing actions are all advantages enjoyed by our network of partners certified.

10 reasons to join us:

  • Innovative concept of security solutions
  • Brands and products with high reputation
  • Confidence of many customers, in various sectors
  • Direct relationship with partners
  • Permanent technical and commercial assistant
  • Quality Assurance: ISO certification, 350 European certifications, 20 patents filed
  • Corporate citizenship culture and committed to sustainable development
  • Product configuration software tools
  • Continuous and customized training Dynamic business communication action