Developer of security solutions


EuroDV brings solutions to the security needs of its customers, thanks to high-performance products, the result of culture of innovation and technical research, while providing personalized service.

EuroDV brings together a European shareholder whose aim is to promote a high level of quality through various building trades relating to the security of goods and people.

Today, the group has evolved to a surface area of almost 14,000 m², and employs directly 86 employees and 8 freelance workers, adding subcontractors, outside contractors and temporary jobs.

The increase of the turnover achieved by the EuroDV is the witness, year after year, of its ability to innovate and its fundamental commitment to the service of its customers.

In terms of security solutions, the devolpment of the group is daily. There are dozens of certificates protecting its innovations and currently EuroDV has filed 20 patents for the protection of its innovation.

Dario Dalla Valle Fondateur Administrateur EuroDV

Ing. Dario Dalla Valle – Founder and administrator of the EuroDV group.