Televesdre, regional television nearby Malmedy where is based Heinen, has opened its facotry doors to highlight the reasons of their success.

Indeed, 2015 has scored a record turnover.

Patrick Cormann, one of the adviser-engineer of the company, tells why client prefer to be equiped with Heinen doors and the future perspectives of the Malmedian company.

Watch the video on Televesdre’s website by cliquant ici.

Malmedy : Heinen’s security doors are more and more asked.

AVC-TVE-104966.jpgTerror attacks and the actual psychotic climate that has set in Belgium, are not without any consequences pour certain companies. It is happening at Heinen, in Malmedy, specialized if the manufacturing of highly secured doors.
Demands and information researches have been multiplied by 5, essentially privates!