A door, fulfills always a double role : allow an easy access and remain as performant as the wall in which the door has been integrated. All the knowledge of the manufacturer is to associate its functions which are sometimes on opposite
hands. Heinen released this challenge with a mastered production from the start to the end of the manufacturing chain; Identification of client’s needs with the help of a dedicated software, choice of the metal and the basic material,
fabrication technique with screwing, easiest setting for the door, etc. Heinen seems to have checked everything by giving us a kind demonstration.

A resistance at every level

Heinen has been in 1973, the first to concieve a metal door that would offer a fireproof resistance moreover of an intensive purpose of use. This one was made of steps of continuous innovation in the mecanic protection sector, and since this moment a wide pannel of other innovations stuck to the programm : anti-burglaring, bulletproof, anti-explosion, acoustic protection, anti-panic, etc. Heinen door has always remained loyal to its initial objective : protect and guarantee a stability and protection that allow an intense use of the door. The quality requirements are imposed to the workshops are much more strict than the ordinary ones : this way, Heinen’s doors survive easily decades with a optimal performance level.

<<I have little joke about this, tells Dario Dalla Valle, manager of the company. About a month ago, we observed that installed Heinen doors more than 20 years ago in different carceral buildings are dismanteled by the Belgian State to be placed again on other sites and reused so they are resistant and the client is highly satisfied for a daily use of these products. When the client gives a second life to your product, the work is more than succesfull!>>

Quality modular doors

The warranty on these doors is of 15 years says the Belgian firm. <<Moreover, we could’ve gone further on, adds Dario Dalla Vall. We have a massive advantage over our competitors : the assemble of our doors is entierly realized with screws and not by welding. This presents a positive aspect at the esthetic level but also and mostly it eases the maintenance and adjustments>>. Indeed, with screwed hinges, it is possible to set the doors to all directions after the  installing process which guarantees a perfect adaptation to its precise location and avoids any malfunctions caused by intensive use. In case of an attack, exterior metal sheets are also screwed, no need to replace the entire door but only the damaged part of it <<The security doors competition is rude, this is why we have to suggest a completly different offer. Heinen knows how to rely on quality. Our goal is not to make huge amounts of sales but a permanent relation and positive feedbacks from our clients.>>

Supporting the client, Heinen’s credo

If Heinen doors are known for their strength and durability, it is also because they’re concieved since the beggining on the real client’s needs. Heinen has developped a software to determine at its best this need depending on the performances whished by the customer: What would be the level of performances? What are the optimum dimensions? How many openning cycles is the door going to endure? Specifications book must be set if the door has customizable dimensions in order to entierly satsfy the customer. “After analysing, we had to, sometimes, send our customers to less performant products of other companies”.

WHat security performances? Which ones to use?

The basis of the Heinen door allows an intense use (level f8) following the norm EN 1191, it means that it has been designed for 1.000.000 open/close cycles. Its mechanic improved resistance (until M+7) after the EN 1192 norm, guarantees that the door is able to resist to troques and strains.

Anti-intrusion : EN 1627-1630 – class 2 to class 5 (brand new in 2013) / NF P20-551 et NF P20-320 : Level 5 cat. A, B, B+

Bullet Proof: all classes (FB4 to FB7 after the EN1522-1523 norms + Kalashnikov)

Anti-blast : doors able to resist to a strain of 8 T/m²

Fire resistant : EI1/EI2 30 – 60 – 90 – 120 norm EN 1634

Acoustic : EN ISO 717-1

Heinen doors have been designed to combine many security proprieties.

For more information about Heinen doors and its combinable abilities, visit heinen.be.

A new presented product : Bunkerkit

Heinen company has recently joined the EuroDV gorup which is specialized in high security solutions for profesionnals (www.eurodv.eu) and owns a collaboration with the NATO to have a chance of working with national and international authorities

EuroDV produces, indeed security joinery, specially designed for carceral buildings, glazed walls and bullet proof, physical protection systems with the most popular, Bunkerkit, which won last year at the ExpoProtection exhibition the prize in the catergory of “Fight against malicious acts”.

Bunkerkit is a modular armoured room and certified by european norms whos goal is to defend against armed attacks and intrusions (of items and people). The principle is simple, vertical panels, ceiling and floor elements made of armoured steel and assembled all together  in order to make a room. In its simpliest form, it will own only 1 partition. All is assembled only with screws, clean and quick.

Bunkerkit innovation remains in its modularity. Indeed, it allows at quick and easy installation of a secure room without doing any interior or exterior work and can be adapted to any situation. This modularity can be evolved : Bunkerkit allow to adapt itself to future roles of the room, it can be disassembled and re-assembled somewhere else.

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