In 2015, the city of Mons is getting ready to become des center of attention. Located 30km from Peruwelz, EuroDV’s main base, Mons becomes for an entire year the european cultural capital.

At the program this year, more than 300 events are organized in the Borinage’s capital but also in 14 other partner cities all over Belgium and France.

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EuroDV group provides the event throughout its participation and subscription to the business owners network, created for the event. More than 800.000€ have been harvested to the participant companies, Mons Club companies 2015 is one of the biggest sponsors of the Mons 2015 event.

Why? Because we think that the business world, the cultural and local economy secotrs have everything to win by weaving sustainable realtions and encourage the collaboration.

Visit Mons 2015 website and check out all the event :

Expos et musées / Art en ville et parcours / Théâtre – Danse / Festivals & Les inclassables / Musique / Gastronomie / Littérature / Mode et design / Numérique