This tuesday 13th of May, the chamber of commerce and industry of Wallonia Picarde (CCI WAPI) was organizing as a premiere a visit of the brand new Leuze-en-Hainaut prison.

Expert assessement of EuroDV has been welcomed.

Delegated administrator of the EuroDv group and the CCI, Dario Dalla Valle couldn’t be present during the evvent mais has also sent a part of his team. Few witnesses…

The Dalla Valle, Metal Quartz and EuroDV personnel in front of the main facade of the prison of Leuze
The Dalla Valle, Metal Quartz and EuroDV personnel in front of the main facade of the prison of Leuze

Céline, Metal Quartz s.a, technical secretary responsible for an administrative follow up of wokringsite :

<<Working for a construction site of a such stature in terms of security, it was a enthusiastic challenge. I was able to discover for the very first time one the construction was over, and what a proudness for taking part for the execution of a such project.>>

Luigi, Dalla Valle s.a, worksite manager :

Having already collaborated for new projects of Beveren, Marche en Famenne but also rennovations of Lantin, Ittre or St-Hubert, Leuze’s prison presents special traits because of its close location with the company (15km).  We are working the very high security sector, it means that this business isn’t for an adverstising purpose because of the confidentiality.

Taking part to this event is the opportunity for us to show our mastery in the subject to other entrepreneurs of our region who are discovering our business’s specificity and armoured joinery that we are producing.
For Leuze, we have also crafter and set metal gates, doors and armoured carpentry but also roof railings.

Under sometimes unfair meteoric conditions, our workers and worksite managers realized a quality work by setting joinery weighting until 500kg! I’m especially proud of the facades that we have realized which are a true succes of esthetism and security.

Master plan prisons, a new way to consider the penitentiary univers

Few orators including the Minister-President of the Wallonia-Brussels federation Rudy Demotte, mayors of Leuze and Frasnes, the director of the public company of the carceral work, followed each other before giving a word to the director of the prison, Mrs. CHristine D’Hondt, who explained why the new carceral complex was a kind of revolution in itself.

Short speech of Rudy Demotte during the api Tour at the Leuze's prison.
Short speech of Rudy Demotte during the api Tour at the Leuze’s prison.

In terms of architecture for example, it is much more opened to the outside world by letting a lot light penetrating the structure with the help of it large glazed bays in facade and on the roof. This building matches also the sustainable development with the use of solar photovoltaic pannels, cogeneration, rain collectors, optimum insulation, etc…

The appointment was organized by the Commerce Chambre had mostely the purpose to encourage the regional firms to trust in the carceral workshops to execute some of the production work. The purpose for the public penitentiary company is to predispose for companies an efficient and profitable workhand.

Other newest stuff, already set in the prison of Marche-en-Famenne since 2 months , was presented : The public-private partnership for the buildings managment ; high tech solutions installed for the carceral managment ; <<Prison Cloud>> online interface available for the prisonners to trade informations with the prison; and essentially a more human ressources managment of the prisonners, inspired by the Swedish model where the penitential complexes are pushed forward as example for everybody, showing the lowest recidivist rate accross the world.

May inauguration, June visits and the reception of prisonners in July 2014.

This Wapi Tour was a sort of world premier inauguration, the official inauguration of the prison of Leuze-en-Hainaut will take place on the 20th of May.

It will also be possible to visit the prison during the six openning days organized during June for the local population. Those are planned from 9am to 7pm and you must bring your identity card with you (Age of 10 is required).

-Friday 13, saturday 14 and sunday 15th of June are booked for the habitants of Leuze.

-Friday 20, saturday 21 and sunday 22nd of June are booked for the habitants of Frasnes, Ath, Tournai, Beloeil, Bernissart and Peruwelz.

After those visits, the prison will close its doors for the public and will proceed with its 312 prisonners since the 15th of July 2014.

For more information about our joinery set of high security, contact us!

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