The subject had created those days a little polemic when the word <<Safe room>> was used by the Eductation minister to refer to confinement rooms that should by set in school in case of a terrorist attack.

La Libre Belgique interviewed the specialist in terms of physical security, Dario Dalla VAlle, EuroDV’s manager, to establish the right difference in the employed vocabulary for security which might differ.

Exctract of the Stéphane Tassin article <<Milquet and Mayeur are arguying about the Safe room>>.

<<…For the specialists of the sector of the security, a safe room is a safe reserved to protect highly valued objects and on the other hand a panic room has to protect people. The walls are tested with real bullets.
Dario Dalla Valle, leader of the EuroDV group (set in Paris, Malmedy and Peruwelz) which covers 4 companies specialized in the security armouring, knows well this kind of installation. For him, the panic room resort is made under certain
conditions:<<We have recieved in the past, demands from school in Paris and Brussels. In the schools situtation, we can consider reinfoced class doors, it is more realistic at the financial plan. A price of a door is estimate at 1000€…>>

Here is a short show up and definition of different ways to use the physical security.

A safe room :

  • panic-room-et-safe-room-01It is a safe to keep in high valued items
  • It welcomes goods of any kind of dimensions et volumes
  • It is equiped with anti-burgling equipments
  • It is always closed with a controled entrance with the help of a mecanic and/or electronic access (keyboard, vocal control, fingerprint, eye scan,…)

A panic room (also called surviving room)

  • It is a shelter for all the habitants in case of threatening burglary
  • It warranties the security of its people during the required time of a hostage-taking
  • It is armoured and coverd of bulletproof steel
  • It is in normal time, always opened to allow a fast access in case of urgency
  • It containts communication tools to inform the police of the on going situtation and also first aid stuff.

With the help of armoured doors, whether they are anti burgling or bulletproof for the panic room, it is possible to create secured rooms, only if those room are surrounded by walls of the same protection level as the door. The glazed areas have to be at least of the same resistance class as the door and the walls and is defined by European security norms.

In the case of armoured doors of a school’s panic room, likely fire resistant, there should be added the bulletproof performance so that a entierly safe room can be created.

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