Dario Dalla Valle and his wife returned pleasefuly from the economic mission that took place in Milano early this October 2015.

Two dozen of Hainaut companies moved to Milano with the provincial governor to concieve contacts and partnership, either with local firms either with belgian ones that took part in this journey.

They took advantage and visited the universal exposation based on the theme of <<Feed the planet, energy forever>> which was wonderful, especially the impressive and sustainable architecture that was purposed by the belgian lodge.

Few belgian journalists were present to relay the event and also took advantage to know the impressions of our dedicated administrator.

Here is an extract of the interview with Charlotte Legrand, RTBF journalist:

Among the business owners that moved in there, some of them dream to find an alter ego in Italy. <<It is unfortunate with my name and my italian origins, to not be present yet in Italy.>> smiles Dario Dalla Valle (EruoDV s.a-Peruwelz). He has specialized in security, armouring, fireproof. <<I just had an appointment with the president of an Italian federation that will introduce himself to our staff. I prefer to go crescendo, instead of meeting anyone without knowing their intentions and motivations. We fear the corporate spying….>> He will comeback soon for the security  exhibition.

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Listen again here the interview of Dario Dalla Valle in the Hainaut Matin du 08/10 sur Vivacité. (2030/3600)