Many solutions are available on the market for protecting products and people, often customizable. Initiated in 2000, Metal QUartz company (affiliated to the EuroDV group) is specialized in the metallic joinery and producing security and protection solutions.

The firm has a design bureau that takes in charge certified projects. Until now, it was essentially about customizable realisations : a little security problem was observed and a customize solutions was dedicated then certified if required. The demand expressed in the banking sector for the security of their ATM had two more dimensions : adaptable product to a quick configuration of the building and its use and cost price. THe design bureau worked on an industrialized  concept including standards compounds. A modular kit represented an ideal solution with the help of a fast, clean mecanic assembly of the differents elements of the outer wall, with lighter elements which are more adapted for handling and allow thus an ergonomic work. Produced in standard for a wide range of applications so the prices can be lowered. The offering phasis was simplified because it was possible to transfer to the client a suggestion (CAO model) and its  price and alternative solutions as well. Last advantage, the modular kit had the advantage of being a certified concept under many bulletproof norms.

All this leads to the development of the Bunkerkit. It is basically a closed box, independant and fully certified. The principle is simple: vertical pannels, ceiling and floor elements of balistic steel are assembled together to form a resistant room to any kind of agressions.

The mecanic assembly concept of the Bunkerkit has contributed, with other particularities, to a certificate submission at the european level. Now, the modular kit evolves independentally of client’s particular requests. Metal Quartz had to recheck its capacity of manufacturing and the logistic (price, constant quality and efficiency are essentials) and has passed from an artisanal production to a serial one.

Bullet proof, bunkerkit had been certified classes Fb1 to Fb7 under the European norms EN-1522-1523

PDF_icon     Article “Action Armes et Tir” : “Bunkerkit : un concept innovant d’enceinte blindée certifiée”