Metal Quartz

To answer to the European Norms of high security of its clients – indeed in the banking sector – Metal Quartz is manufacutring doors, frames, hatches, security sentry box and anti burgling and bullet proof partition walls. Metal Quartz suggests a range of steel glassed joinery based on high security.


Metal Quartz crafts glazed steel joinery of high security and offers an entire pannel of:

  • Simple swinging doors
  • Double swinging doors
  • Static frames
  • Automatic sliding doors
  • Anti vandalism door
  • Prison cell’s door


Metal Quartz answers to specific needs of many security questions.

Metal Quartz products respect security strains in many business sectors. They are used in varied in many ways such as:

  • Bullet proof glazed partitions
  • Anti-burglary doors
  • Fireproof frames
  • Security hatches

Metal Quartz : Security performances

Metal Quartz joinery suggests a valid certificate that covers the entire assembly glass-metal section-seal. They are all in compliance with European Norms:

  • Burlglary resistance class EN1627-1630 : RC4 & RC5
  • Bulletproof EN 1522-1523 : AK47, FB5, FB6, FB7.