Discover our Heinen branch in Malmedy.

Heinen is a specialist in doors and security compartments. It is producing swinging, back and forth or sliding doors,
frames and glassed ensembles, hatches and barriers, counters,…

Heinen products are suggesting multiple performances. Bulletproof, burgler resistance, fireproof,… Heinen door’s performances are combinable regarding to the client’s specific needs.

The reference of security steel doors.

Heinen doors are used in many sectors and are known for their fiability and durability for an intensive use.
Each door is built on the basis of the Metal+ concept and get completed by a range of combinable performances
depending of the use. The Metal+ door’s concept developped by Heinen is based on 4 essential specifications:
– Tubular steel structure
– Galvanized steelsheets
– Adjustable hinges
– Sealed cement grout or concrete installation

An economic cosT of use

The concept Metal+ offers to Heinen doors strength and durability. All the doors are tested in laboratories and allow a 15 years warranty and an intense cycle of a million openning/closing.


Cost of use of Heinen doors is thus very tiny regarding to its lifespan and its reduced maintenance.


Combinable performances for answering all the needs.

Heinen doors are completly customizable and are gaining in strength by adding a range of certified performances in accordance with European norms:

  • Bullet proof to guarantee an efficient shield to the weapons : from a pistol to the war gun.
  • Anti explosion to contain the explostion’s blast.
  • Burglar resitance to resist to the attempts of incursion with a use of more heavy and heavy tools.
  • Fire resistance from 30 to 120 minutes.


Roue des performances 2018

Heinen also suggests a range of performances: acoustic, anti panic, thermic transmission, waterproofness, smokeproofness, air permeability, wind resistance,…