The actuality pushes companies and some citizens to the overprotection

surveillanceThe murdering affairs have led to an instored security policy last days, are even more reinforced by a mediatic unfriendly climate. An environment which is not without any consequences over the reaction of few citizens << People are calling me>>, explains Philippe Declerck, whose society based in Forchies-La-Marche is specialized in the detection of intruders in the firms and bureaus: <<They want to secure themselves as fast as possible during the next 24hours.
They ask me to set cameras to have a look on what’s happening outside. What people ask me more and more is to have a controled access to shops, systems where the visitor has to ring a bell so that he can enter in to the shop.>>

Fear and withdrawl

This installer is sure, Paris events and its consequences here in Belgium are the origin of this withdrawl. <<It is certain, people are affraid, we already had this kind of reaction the next day after CHarlie-Hebdo attacks. We have felt this withdrawl but now when we know that some of those terrorists are present in our country, this scary climate affects more people. I had the case today, one of my workers had to go on a construction site in Brussels, in Auderghem, Woluwe and Schaerbeek. He refused because the situation was too risky and i had to send my son instead of him.>>

Armoured doors are well valued

The same observations are made at EuroDV which has a base in Peruwelz. The company sets and secures public buildings and banks by placing indeed armoured doors. Here, the administrator, Dario Dalla Valle observed a growth of demand the day after
terror attacks when many official institutions decided to secure their buildings. Before that <<We must almost go back to the CCC age to find demands in a such rush as we know them todya>> precices Dario Dalla Valle.


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